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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Glass Bottles and Sand

It is quite unique that my German best friend knows the Philippines more than I do. Sounds strange for some but yes, he does! Philippines, especially Cebu and Boracay has become his second home on most times of the year while I left the Philippines for better opportunities overseas. Now he has become my go-to source of travel information for southern Philippines. Ja genau, Ich finde es lustig!

Last time I saw him some years ago, he gave me a glass bottle full of white sand from the places he has been and told me to return the sand back when I find myself the time to go to the places he has been. To this day, I haven't gone places from my home country though I keep wishing that I will be able to do it someday.

I thought this idea of a souvenir is interesting and meaningful... glass bottles and sand. The glass bottles are the size of a 10ml serum vial bottle with 20mm Flip off tops. Though I worry that the sand will run out if everybody gets sand, it helps that returning tourists or their friends should be asked to return the sand.

What do you think? Do you have other unique ideas for souvenirs?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Tale of Two Roses in Ilocano Courtship

Back when I was in college, I was once given two roses by a suitor from Aringay, La Union. As a young teenager, I saw the roses but didn't really see it. I knew it meant he's trying to woo me but had no inkling on the cultural meaning of it all.
Sadly for me, it is not until I watched the movie of Ferdinand Marcos entitled "Iginuhit ng Tadhana: The Ferdinand E. Marcos Story" (Carved by Destiny) that I realized the meaning of it all.

In the Ilocano courtship culture, a man giving two white roses wherein one has an open bud and the other has a close bud means he is serious with his intention. The open bud represents the man's open heart offering his love while the close bud is that of the lady he is trying to woo whose feelings he is not sure of, but is hoping she may open up her heart in response.

Here's a clip from the movie to see what I meant. You can skip directly to 14:00 if you don't want to bother with the rest of the clip.
Later on in the story when the couple already had their child, Ferdinand Marcos visited his wife Imelda in the hospital and gave her another two special roses in spite of the many bouquets that filled her hospital room. This time around, the buds are both open showing the beauty of their love together.

Now you know a bit of Ilocano courtship culture, you can apply this to your life specially when dealing with conservative Ilocano ladies. Hopefully, this practice do not disappear as the rest of the disappearing cultures and traditions of the Filipinos. ~D'Isay

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Laguna Provincial March

Laguna Provincial March

Laguna, O Laguna
Lalawigang Marangal
Tanging Pinagpala
Ng Butihing Bathala

Supling mo ang pinili
Ng bayani ng lahi
Kapurihan at dangal
Ng liping kayumanggi.

Laguna ang iyon pangalan
sagisag ng kagitingan
Sa lawa mo't kaparangalan
Mga bayaning nahimlay

Kadluan ng mithi't pangarap
Sa bukirin, bundok mo't gubat
Ikaw Laguna ng buhay

At tanging patnubay.

La Union Provincial Hymn and March

La Union Hymn
Composer : Primitivo Acosta

Where is the place where one could find refuge,
through wooded hills and verdant rolling fields?
Where is that place with bubbling brooks and rivers?
Where is that place?
Oh where is that place!

Where can one find birds singing all day?
Where do the waves roll on so silvery?
Where does the sunset spread its golden beauty?
Where is that place?
La Union my beloved!

God Bless the people
of fair La Union!
Keep us from harm and fill our hearts with love
Let no one seek
to break the cord that binds us!

God Bless La Union

La Union March
Composer: Mr. Conrado Estonactoc

Oh, La Union Fair, La Union dear
My Province that I love so true with care
Thy sons and daughters sing
Thy glorious beauty pure and fair
With hope so fond and tender memories
We will defend and stand for all your right
Hark! We will all fight
And back you up with all our might.

Onward La Union dear
Your faithful sons and daughters say
All for unity with truth and loyalty

Oh province of my heart
La Union place of love that lasts
So unto the march

Because we all love you so much.

Kalinga Hymn: Official Hymn of Kalinga Province

Kalinga Provincial Hymn

Kalinga my homeland, we have faith in you!

Glory to our people, we adore you
Kalinga province from where we sprang
Proud of our ancestors noble and true
Welcome to our land, blend us with your charm.
Glory to pioneers so strong and brave
Kalinga province, we thank our friends
Hail to our founders, living or dead
God grant for us beauties of their dreams.

Glory to our labors, we now implore
Kalinga province, for golden grains
Link us with the roads and bridges to your door
Untold wealth beckons willing hands and brains
Glory to all for our peace in the sun
Kalinga province, your name will shine
If fate will land us on foreign strand
We will crown you with laurels more sublime.

Today, your great fame
we're proud to proclaim
We are your brave descendants
peaceful and true
Sire of the forebears of our cognomen
Kalinga, my homeland
We have faith in you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Isabela Hymn: Official Hymn of Isabela Pronvince

Isabela Hymn
(Official Hymn of the Province of Isabela)

Isabela a home endeared by man upright and free
A land where peace and love abide
Where man of truth reside
Endowed with rich and glorious past
A heritage known and vast
From Palanan to Jones they stood
For freedom and for truth.

Her shining rivers teem with fish and forest lush with trees
Her fertile fields abode which yields are blessings for our needs
Bless Isabela precious Lord!
And bring her in your fold
In unison we all proclaim
Her providential fame.

Iloilo Provincial Hymn: Himno Sang Dakbanwa Sang Iloilo

Himno Sang Dakbanwa Sang Iloilo
(Words and Music by: Prof. Arne Lubasan)

Puluy-an ka sang mga dungganon
Guindihon sa imong gugmang bilidhon
Namat-an sang mga baganihan
Nakigbato para sa kahilwayan

Dunang manggad sa amon guin-aman
Manggaran sa kulturang kinaadman
May maragtas nga madinu-agon
Bulawanon ang mga palanubli-on

Iloilo, Iloilo
Dakbanwa kong nahamut-an
Iloilo, Iloilo
Bugal magpadulong diin man
Tampad nga magpabilin sa imo
Tungod palangga ko
Dakbanwang Iloilo, bugal ko!

Himpit nga gugma sa imo halad
Sakdagon ang imong katuyuan
Itib-ong and kauswagan
Padayun nga angkunon ang katin-aran

Ilocos Sur Provincial Hymn

Ilocos Sur Provincial Hymn

Where the brave heroes fought for freedom
And her men and women bring her fame
That’s the province we cherished forever
Whose glory we will treasure and proclaim
There’s a peace o’er the hills and the valley
There is joy amidst a verdant plain
That’s the place we call our own
Ilocos Sur beloved home
Ever ours wherever we were roam

Ilocos Sur, the land of the free
Home of men strong in faith and unity
With the people courageous bright and fair
Dedicated to strive and toil with care
Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Sur
With your love to guide us we will never fail.

Ilocos Norte Provincial Hymn/March

Ilocos Norte Provincial March
(Composed by Reverend Fr. Amador Foz)

Probinsiya a balwarte
Sarikedked ti kailokuan
Ingget gasat nga ili
A ti Dios pinaraburan
Tattaom nagaget da
Iti lubong pagdidinnamagan
Kas katibker ka’t Cordillera
Sin-aw monaw a sarmingan.

Dakam amin nga anakmo
Di maikuspil ken mapagtalkan
Ingget tured toy puso
Nga agbiag ti pudno a dalan
Inkam amin agkaykaysa
A manalaknib pagsayaatan
Ipusta mi’t biag ken amin mi
Tapno agbalin a pagtamdan.

Ita saklolom, timmanor bannuar pagilian
Da Juan ken Antonio Luna
Ricarte, Aglipay ken Ablan
Da Marcos ken Escoda
Annakmo a kalalatakan
Nagan mo inkam iwaragawag
Iti amin a sangalubungan.

Ilocos Norte, tampok amianan
Sica’t tangsit Kailokuan
Ilocos Norte, tampok amianan

Sica’t tangsit Kailokuan

Ifugao Provincial Hymn

Ifugao Provincial Hymn

O, land of beautiful rice terraces
Like stairways reaching the blue
We pledge our hearts in true devotion
To work for your best, for your sake.

Glory and love to dear Ifugao
Your sons will uphold your honors high
With knowledge of right
and progress in sight
We, loyal sons arise
To dedicate our lives
For Ifugao.

 O'er plains and mountains ever changing
From green to deep blue and to gold
Let's keep above our standards  flying
and let it be shining above.

 O, land of Hudhud and the Alim
As sung by forebears of old
There stands the hagabi of kadangyans
and rich cultures we proudly own.