A Budget Trip To Cebu

Number of Persons: 3 Adults
Number of Days: 4 Days 3 Nights (4D 3N)
Currency: Philippine Pesos

Day 1:
Promo Fare 778 via ZestAir (round trip = 1556) for 3 pax including taxes = PHP 5508.00
3N 4D @ Europa Mansionette Inn (Mandaue City) via Agoda.com = PHP 4,725.50 (USD 109.26)

Snacks & water to bring along = PHP 146.25
Taxi from KFC Coastal to MIAA Domestic Airport = PHP 100.00
PHP 200 Terminal Fee at MIAA Domestic Airport x 3 pax = PHP 600.00
Light Snacks at the Domestic Terminal while waiting for the flight = PHP 50.00
Taxi Fare from Mactan-Cebu Airport to Europa Mansionette Inn (EMI) = PHP 280.00
Tricycle Fare from EMI to main highway (PHP 7 each) = PHP 21.00
Taxi to Basilica Minore de Sto. Nino = PHP 180.00
Breakfast at ChowKing infront of the Basilica = PHP 306.00
*Note: Many food shops (like Jollibee) open only at 7am onwards. ChowKing is open at 6am and it's just nice to have breakfast before attending mass at the Sto. Nino Chapel right in front of it.
Entrance Fees to Fort San Pedro (30 each) = PHP 90.00
Lunch at The Original AA BBQ at Plaza Independencia = PHP 470.00
Jeepney Fare from Plaza Independencia to Maguikay, Mandaue (Ph 10 each) = PHP 30.00
3 Ice Cream at Maguikay highway's restaurant = PHP 75.00
Tricycle Fare from Maguikay to EMI = PHP 21.00

Rested for the rest of the afternoon to wake up at 7pm and look for dinner. Dinner from various "turo-turo" along the streets of M.L.Quezon Blvd. outside EMI:
3 rice (7 each) = PHP 20.00
Pork Humba (25 each cut) = PHP 75.00
Chicken Liver & Gizzard Adobo = PHP 30.00 (*Note: 1 set order = 1 liver, 1 heart, & 1 gizard)
Meat Balls = PHP 10.00
Breads for Snacks = PHP 35.00
Water Refill = PHP 2.00
Total Dinner Expenses = PHP 170.00
Total Day 1 Expenses = PHP 2541.25

Day 2:
Free breakfast at the inn
Water Refill for 2 bottles of 1 Liters each = PHP 2.00
Taxi Fare to Wharf beside Hilton (now Movenpick) Hotel = PHP 200.00
Boat Fare to Olango Island (15 each) = PHP 45.00
Terminal Fee (1 peso each) = PHP 5.00
Tricycle Fare (arkila) from Olango pier to Talima Adventure Park = PHP 100.00
Talima Adventure Park Entrance Fee (100 each) = PHP 300.00 (free use of tables, chairs, and life vests)
Snorkeling Set Rentals (100 each) = PHP 200.00
1 Life Guard Fee for 30 minutes = PHP 100.00
1 Locker Room Rent = PHP 25.00
Snacks (Chips) = PHP 30.00
Lunch on site at the Talima Adventure Park's restaurant = PHP 420.00
Boat Fare from Talima Adventure Park to Mactan Wharf (50 each) = PHP 150.00
Tricycle Fare from Mactan Wharf to Lapulapu Shrine (7 each) = PHP 21.00
Ice Cream snacks at the Magellan Marker (20 each x 4) = PHP 80.00
Taxi from Lapulapu Shrine to Maguikay, Mandaue highway = PHP 180.00
Shopping at Maguikay for some clothes for me & hubby = PHP 170.00
Dinner at Jollibee Maguikay = PHP 224.00
Bananas = PHP 25.00
Puso Rice (2.50 each) = PHP 20.00
Breads for Snacks = PHP 30.00
Nestle Ice Tea Powder Juice sachets = PHP 22.00
Tricycle Fare from Maguikay to EMI = PHP 21.00
Water Refill = PHP 2.00
Day 2 Expenses = PHP 2372.00

Day 3:
Free breakfast at the inn
Tricycle Fare from EMI to Mandaue highway = PHP 21.00
Jeepney Fare from Maguikay to Colon Street = PHP 30.00

We went to Lincoln Street as suggested by EMI's owner to look for cheaper guitars. He advised that Mactan's prices for guitars is just too much, and it's for tourists.

Jeepney Fare from San Jose Recoletos school to Tabo-an Market = PHP 21.00
.25kg Dried Squids @580 per kg = PHP 145.00

Jeepney Fare from Tabo-an Market to SM City Cebu (8 each) = PHP 24.00
Lunch at SM Foodcourt's Marina Lechon House = PHP 359.00
Waffle Snacks = PHP 24.00
Pasalubong Dried Mangoes, candies, Piaya = PHP 275.00
Jeepney Fare from SM to Sudlon in Lahug = PHP 21.00
Jeepney Fare from Beverly Hills to SM highway = PHP 21.00
Jeepney Fare from SM highway to Mandaue highway = PHP 30.00
Tricycle from Maguikay highway to Lola Saling's Grill & Restaurant = PHP 21.00
Dinner at Lola Saling's Grill & Seafood = PHP 540.00
Lola Saling's Home-made Ice Cream Desert = PHP 66.00
Water Refill = PHP 2.00
Day 3 Expenses = PHP 1600.00

Day 4:
Free breakfast at the inn
Taxi Fare from EMI to Grand Convention Center for buffet lunch = PHP 110.00
Buffet Lunch at Grand Majestic Restaurant = PHP 1275.00
Taxi Fare from Grand Convention Center to Hadsan Cove Resort = PHP 340.00
Hadsan Cove Resort Entrance Fee for 3 (40 each) = PHP 120.00
Shower for 1 @ Hadsan Cove Resort = PHP 10.00
Jeepney Fare from Hadsan in Maribago to Marina Mall = PHP 30.00
Jeepney Fare from Marina Mall to Mactan-Cebu Airport = PHP 21.00
Terminal Fee at Mactan-Cebu Airport (200 each) = PHP 600.00
Snacks at the Airport = PHP 170.00
Late Dinner at Jollibee outside MIAA = PHP 170.00
Taxi Fare from Jollibee to Coastal jeepney terminal = PHP 80.00
Jeepney Fare from coastal to Imus, Cavite terminal = PHP 60.00
Tricycle Fare from Imus to home = PHP 50.00
Day 4 Expenses = PHP 3036.00

Total Expenses Day 1 - 4 = PHP 9549.25
Sum Total Expenses + Airfare + Hotel = PHP 19,782.75

That's plus and minus a few light snacks along the way such as candies and a few bottles of water. I'll be posting the pictures of different places we've been to make sure it doesn't get forgotten :)




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PinasLiving: A Budget Trip To Cebu
A Budget Trip To Cebu
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