Region 9 Hymn – Our Eden Land


Our Eden Land
(Region 9 Hymn)

Here the trees and flowers bloom
Here the breezes gently blow
Here the birds sing merrily,
The liberty forever stays

Here the Badjaos roam the seas
Here the Samals live in peace
Here the Tausogs thrive so free
With the Yakans in unity

Gallant men and ladies fair
Linger with love and care
Golden beams of sunrise and sunset
Are visions you’ll never forget
Oh! That’s Region IX

Hardworking people abound,
Every valleys and rale
Zamboangenos, Tagalogs, Bicolanos,
Cebuanos, Ilocanos, Subanons,
Boholanos, Illongos,
All of them are proud and true
Region IX our Eden Land
Region IX our Eden Land

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